We have a range of barrier types for you to choose from, so that whatever your event is there will be something suitable. We have a range of strong barriers which are designed to hold people back and are a good practical design for large numbers of people who need to be kept in an area or out of an area. These include crowd control barriers, Tensa barriers and rope and post barriers.

Crowd Control Barrier Hire London

Crowd Control Barrier Hire

If you will be getting a large number of guests at your event or you need to section off areas then the crowd control barriers are ideal. These barriers link together so they cannot be moved.

£8.99 for 1 - 39 £7.99 for 40 - 79 £5.99 for 80
Height: 100cm
Width: 230cm
Depth: 36cm
Weight: 10kg
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Tensa Barrier Hire

Tensa Barrier Hire

Another barrier to section off areas you can hire the tensa barriers. These barriers are ideal for reception areas.

£9.99 for 1 - 39 £8.99 for 40 - 79 £6.99 for 80+ Tensa Barrier Sign Holder - £12.00
Height: 91cm
Wdith: 2m (strap)
Depth: 30cm (base) Weight: 6.0kg

Rope and Post Hire

For an elegant and classy look why not hire the rope and post barriers? These barriers are available with gold and chrome posts with a choice of red, blue and black ropes.

Product 0-39 40+
Posts £8.99 £8.10
Ropes £3.99 £3.50
Height: 100cm
Width: 30cm (Base)
Depth: 30cm (Base)
Weight: 6kg
Width: 140cm
Weigth: 0.5kg