If you're in charge of arranging food and drink at an event, or indeed the whole event then it can sometimes feel like you have your work cut out for you. However, it doesn't have to be something that you need to stress over too much because here at Event Furniture Hire London we're here to help. As our name suggests we're able to rent out the furniture that you need to help your event run smoothly.

If you're setting up a bar for your event then it stands to reason that you are going to need the right equipment to make the happen. Most of us don't have the likes of bar fridges and shot measures at our exposure and buying all of these can turn out to be expensive. That is why we give you the option to rent whatever you need, in a way that is much more cost effective than having to buy the items that you need. Here at Event Furniture Hire London we offer a range of rental plans to suit everyone and we're able to deliver items to you any day of the week so just get in touch and let us know what you need.

Mobile Bar Hire

Mobile Bar Hire

Hosting an event where drinks will be served? If so why not hire our superb mobile bar? Made from aluminium our mobile bar is lightweight and folds away for easy transportation and storage. Also available with LED lights.

Non LED Bar - £89.99
LED Bar - £109.99
Height: 45 Inches
Width: 60 Inches
Shelf Height: 31.5 Inches

Bar Fridge Hire

Hire this bar fridge to keep drinks cool for your guests. This lockable bar fridge comes with a double glazed glass door which displays your drinks nicely. This fridge has a capacity to hold up to 104 330ml bottles!

Height: 925cm
Width: 600cm
Depth: 535cm
Please let the fridge stand for 3 hours after delivery before use.

Cocktail Shaker Hire

Serve your favourite cocktails with this chrome finish cocktail shaker. This cocktail shaker is available to hire at a amazingly low price

Bar Mat Hire London

Bar Mat Hire

Keep the bar area tidy and free from spillages with this heavy duty bar mat. This bar mat is made from a strong durable rubber material and will ensure a good grip on your drinks.

Non Slip Tray Hire

Non Slip Tray Hire

This fantastic rubberised non slip tray is ideal if you are hosting an event where drinks will be carried around. This tray ensures a good grip on the glasses to stop them from sliding on the tray and avoiding apillages!

Diameter: 12 Inches / 30cm
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Bar Caddy Hire

Bar Caddy Hire

This bar caddy is great for keeping the bar area tidy. It can be used to hold napkins, mixers, straws and many other items.

Height: 14.5cm
Width: 24cm
Depth: 10.5cm

Bottle Truck Hire

A necessity for all bars, these bar trucks are can be used to throw away bottles and rubbish to be emptied at the end of the day. These bar trucks have wheels allowing for them to be moved easily.

Height: 25 Inches
Width: 32 Inches
Depth: 18 Inches
Please ensure these bar trucks are emptied before collection.

Tip Tray Hire

Will you be receiving tips? Then why not hire this handy tip tray. Ideal for use in pubs, restuarants, reception areas and hotels.

Pourer Hire

Make pouring spirits easier with this spirit pourer. This pourer fits snuggly into the top of the bottle.

Length: 7cm
Fits All Standard Spirit Bottles

Shot Measures Hire

These brushed steel shot measures are a perfect way to measure the exact amount of alcohol for your drinks. Available in three sizes 25ml, 35ml and 50ml.

£0.99 for each one

Bar Blade Hire

Hire this heavy duty bottle opener to open your bottles easily.

Juice Pourer Hire

Make it easy to pour cocktails and juice without creating a mess.

Just £0.69
Height: 9 Inches
Diameter: 5 Inches

Waiters Friend Hire

This multi purpose bar tool is a must have for waiter's opening bottles at the table. With a built in corkscrew, bottle opener and blade this tool has the capability to perform many tasks without having to carry additional items.

What Barware Items Can I Hire?

We have a whole range of barware items for hire, so whatever you need we're pretty confident that we'll have it. Of course if there is something that you need but you can't see it listed here then get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

Items that we do have in stock include larger items such as bar fridges, shelving, mobile bars and of course tables and chairs for your bar area. On top of that we have items include shot measures, trays, glasses, drinks pourers, bar mats, cocktail shakers, ice buckets and much more!

How Easy Is It To Hire From Event Furniture Hire London?

We know that when it comes to arranging an event it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming and so, we're here to help make life easier.

As we have such a range of items we recognise that both individuals and companies involved in the hospitality industry might want to rent items for us. We have packages for everyone and offer both long and short term rental options, so whatever your needs are you can feel sure there is something for you.