Here at Event Furniture Hire London we offer a range of equipment hire for parties and public events to help ensure that there is something for everyone. We know that party planning can be stressful so we aim to offer such a variety of products that there will be something to suit the needs of everyone.

Chair hire is something that we offer, simply because we recognise that seating for any event you are arranging. Whether you're having a small affair or something for hundreds of people it stands to reason that you are going to want to give them somewhere comfortable to sit. Of course paying to buy that amount of chairs and finding somewhere to store them all can be impossible - which is where we come in!

Chiavari Chair Hire

The beautifully crafted wooden chiavari chair is a popular chair for weddings. It comes in two colours; limewash and gold. The chiavari chairs can be customised to suit your theme with a choice of coloured seat pads which come free of charge!

Quantity Limewash Gold
0-29 £3.50 £3.99
30-59 £3.30 £3.60
60-99 £3.10 £3.40
100-199 £2.89 £3.20
200-399 £2.69 £2.99
400+ £2.49 £2.79
Height Width Depth Seat Height Weight
89 cm 40 cm 42 cm 46 cm 4.0 kg

Banquet Chair Hire

An elegant and stylish chair. The banquet chairs are perfect for banquets, conferences, ceremonies and weddings. With a soft cushioned seat pad and back rest these chairs are designed for the ultimate comfort. Available to hire in royal blue and red.

Quantity Price
0-29 £2.99
30-59 £2.50
60-99 £2.20
100-199 £1.99
200-399 £1.79
400+ £2.49
Height Width Depth Seat Height Weight
94 cm 43 cm 41 cm 47 cm 5.0 kg

Folding Chair Hire

The most versatile chair; the folding chair can be used at any type of event indoors or outdoors. These chairs are lightweight and stack up to 40 chairs high, Pefect! if your venue has limited space. Available in 4 colours; black, red, blue and white.

Quantity Price
0-24 £1.80
25-44 £1.40
45-79 £1.20
80-99 £1.10
100-199 £0.99
200-399 £0.95
400+ £0.85
Height Width Depth Seat Height Weight
80 cm 45 cm 50 cm 45 cm 3.3 kg

White Resin Chair Hire

Our contemporary folding white resin chair has been designed with class and comfort in mind, with a built in seat pad and elegant style. Pure white in colour it is the number one choice for weddings. These chairs can be used both indoor and outdoor events.

0-29 £2.99
30-59 £2.59
60-99 £2.39
100-199 £2.29
200-399 £2.09
400+ £1.89
Height Width Depth Seat Height Weight
78 cm 44 cm 44 cm 44 cm 3.8 kg

Cheltenham Chair Hire

With a fabulous silver frame the cheltenham chair can be paired with any colour from our choice of seat pads to create the perfect look. The cheltenham chair fits perfectly into any setting whether it be a wedding or any other event. Seat pad colours available below.

0-29 £3.20
30-59 £3.00
60-99 £2.80
100-199 £2.59
200-399 £2.39
400+ £2.29
Height Width Depth Seat Height Weight
89 cm 39 cm 39 cm 41 cm 5.4 kg

Ice Chair Hire

A magnificently modern design of chair. The ice chair is ideal to hire for any occasion such as weddings, banquets or engagement parties. Made from a clear resin frame they are strong yet lightweight. The ice chairs can be lit up beautifully with any colour of lighting.

0-29 £5.99
30-59 £5.50
60-99 £4.99
100-199 £4.50
200-399 £3.99
400+ £3.49
Height Width Depth Seat Height Weight
94 cm 42 cm 30 cm 41 cm 5.0 kg

Victoria Ghost Chair Hire

Part of our ice chair range we also stock the Victoria ghost style chair. A popular chair to hire for weddings and posh dinner parties, the Victoria ghost style chair can be placed into any setting with any colour scheme and will fit in perfectly.

Height Width Depth
89 cm 52 cm 38 cm

Conference Chair Hire

The conference chair is ideal to hire for any business meeting, conference, corporate event or waiting area. For comfort they have a cushioned seat and back pad and link togther allowing you to create rows that cannot be moved.

0-29 £3.49
30-59 £3.24
60-99 £2.99
100-199 £2.75
200-399 £2.50
400+ £2.25
Height Width Depth
79.5 cm 57 cm 46 cm

Panton Chair Hire

The panton style chair also known as the 'S chair is a contemporary looking piece. This chair is ergonomically moulded for comfort. Available in black or white, this panton style chair is popular at corporate events.

Height Width Depth
82 cm 49 cm 58 cm

Tub Chair Hire

The classic tub chair is available to hire at a fantastic price. These chairs are not only relaxing to sit in but also look smart with a brown faux leather finish. If you require chairs for a reception area or meeting these chairs are for you.

Height Width Depth
72 cm 66 cm 66 cm

Children's Chair Hire

Are you organising a party or event that will be attended by children? If so why not order our fantastic children's chairs. Available in blue of red for boys and girls, they chairs are suitable for children up to the age of 5.

Height Width Depth
47 cm 31 cm 36 cm

Office Chair Hire

This operator chair is ideal for extra chairs required at offices, colleges or lectures. The back support has extra cushioning at the lower back for extra support. They are available in black with or without arms.

£5.99 per week without arms £7.99 per week with arms
Height Width Depth Seat Height
78 cm 50 cm 44 cm 43-54 cm

Cafe Chair Hire

Made from aluminium this strong yet lightweight shiny cafe chair is great for use in restuarants, cafes and bistros and tea rooms. These cafe chairs can be used indoors or outdoors and go perfectly with our cafe tables.

Height Width Depth Seat Height Weight
78 cm 60 cm 49 cm 41 cm 2.5 kg
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Why Event Furniture Hire London?

Rather than having to worry about paying to buy all of these chairs, where you're going to store them and even where you're going to get them from, you can hire whatever you need from Event Furniture Hire London at an affordable price.

What you'll notice from our product pages is that we can rent out a range of chairs, so there is something suited for you no matter what event you're arranging. Don't forget that we can arrange delivery of your rental furniture any day of the week! Want to know more? Get in touch with us today, we'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

What Chairs Can I Hire From You?

We understand that different events require a different type of seating so we have put together a portfolio of different chairs that you're able to get from us. With everything from basic folding chairs through to emperor banquet chairs you can feel more than confident that we'll have something to cater to your event requirements. Don't worry if you're not sure what you need, give our experience party planners a call and they'll be happy to talk you through your options and help you decide what is best.

Hiring From Event Furniture Hire London

First of all you need to think about the event you are arranging and what your exact requirements are. Try to consider how many people will be attending and which seating you'll need, although you should all pay consideration to the venue you have chosen and how much space you'll have available. If you need help and advice on chair hire and what is going to best suit your needs then get in touch and we'll see what we can do to help.

After that you'll just need to think about how long you need your chairs for and when to have them delivered. We're happy to deliver any day of the week and we're happy to be as flexible as possible with times. Think about the time of your event and whether it could be worth having them delivered a day early so you have time to get things arranged before your guests arrive. Our website is packed full of comprehensive information on what we can offer you, but if you want to know more then please do not hesitate to get in touch.